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Alaska Real Estate Solutions

Commercial & Residential Services

  • State Certified Commercial & Residential Appraisers

  • Remote, Rural & Recreational Fly-in Properties across Alaska

  • Statewide Service – Specializing in Rural Properties

  • Fly-in Lodges, Cabins and Vacant Land

  • Airpark Properties, Aircraft Hangars 

  • Float-plane, Ski-plane  & Wheel-plane access 

  • Qualified, Experienced, Professional Appraisers - All lifelong Alaskans

  • Specializing in the “Tough Ones” & Objectivitity

  • FHA, AHFC, Conventional Certified

Property Consulting Services

  • Estate Valuations – IRS Approved

  • Municipal & Borough Tax Appeals

  • Divorce – Property Valuation

  • Litigation – Dispute Resolution  

  • Highest & Best Use Analysis

  • Subdivision Development  

  • Partial Interest Valuation (Partnership Dissolution)

Over 60 Years of Real Estate Practice

Request More Info

Please reach out to our team to learn about how we can assist you in the real estate process. We promise to be friendly and give you the direction you need.

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