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Reed Whitmore

Reed Whitmore


Reed Whitmore

Commercial Appraiser Trainee

I was born and raised in Alaska and have had the opportunity to see many parts of our state. I traveled east to Trinity College, with a year at the University of Washington returning in the summers to Alaska.  After a few years of working as a chemist, fisheries biologist, environmental consultant, and teacher, I received two master’s degrees at the University of Alaska- Anchorage to further my career. I retired as a secondary school principal after 30+ years with the Anchorage School District.

Valerie and I have lived full time in Anchorage for over 30 years. We have two daughters in their 20’s, who are avid outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and are still both pursuing higher education. 

As an Appraisal Trainee, I am working/training with Clint Lentfer primarily in commercial real estate. I enjoy working with people, being accurate, fair, and objective.

I enjoy being active: flying, hiking, skiing, hunting, fishing, hockey, tennis, and travel.

Over 60 Years of Real Estate Practice

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